StayLit DOUBLELIT 2ml HHC Disposable Vape (1800mg)

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StayLit DOUBLELIT 2ml HHC Disposable Vape (1800mg)

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Introducing StayLit's latest innovation, the DOUBLELIT Dual Chamber Disposable!

This draw-activated device features two independent 1ml chambers each with their own unique hemp-derived terpene profile and StayLit's premium distillate, USB C recharging, power on/off, and pre-heating!

Each chamber contains a total of 1ml of distillate and terpenes.  Offered are several cannabinoid combinations to really dial in your ideal experience!  The terpene profiles are different for each chamber.  Each terpene profile combination was chosen to provide an enhanced and more complete experience to the user.  By using a switch at the bottom you can swap which of the two chambers is active.  The LED on the button changes between blue and green to indicate which chamber is active. 

The button has 2 functions.  5 clicks turn on and off the device.  The LED will flash 3 times to indicate that it has turned on or off.  3 clicks will start the pre-heat function.  The LED will fade in and out for the 5-second pre-heat duration and the color will indicate which chamber is being pre-heated.  We suggest pre-heating the device before each use for optimal performance.
The device can be recharged using the USB C port on the bottom.


Lucid Blue (Sativa) + Amnesia Haze (Sativa)

Slurricane (Indica) + Tangie Cookies (Sativa)

LA Confidential (Indica) + Ghost Train (Sativa)

Death Star OG (Indica) + Jedi Kush (Indica)

Royal Highness (Hybrid) + Sour Dawg (Hybrid)

Features & Specifications:

  • 2ml (Two 1ml chambers)
  • 1800mg HHC (900mg / chamber)
  • Rechargeable via USB Type-C
  • Pre-heat mode
  • Color may vary

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