iJoy Cigpet Resin Drip Tip (Pack of 5)

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Cigpet Resin Drip Tip

CIGPET Resin Drip Tips are Wide Bore Drip Tips (large diameters) made entirely in Resin. Due to the unique manufacturing process, all drip tip are different.

Drip Tip Fits:

  • Kennedy RDA
  • Limitless RDTA
  • Karma RDTA
  • Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast
  • TFV8 Big Baby
  • TFV12 Beast Tank
  • IJOY MAXO V12.


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    It comes with

    • 5 x CIGPET Resin Drip Tip


    Drip Dimension:

    • Material: Resin
    • External Diameter: 15 MM
    • Used Length: 13 MM
    • Base Diameter: 12.5