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Huni Badger Vaporizer Kit

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The Huni Badger Vertical Vaporizer Kit was created for portability and was designed to get you far away from unhealthy torches and other unhealthy methods of enjoying your wax like products and extracts. The Huni Badger is a box mod vaporizer that uses a single rechargeable 18650 Lithium-Ion battery (sold separately) to heat its ceramic heating element which is then used to heat up your extract.

The Huni Badger's portable design makes it easy for you to vaporize your favorite herbal extracts anytime, anywhere. User friendly with single button control: Press 5 times to turn on and the square LED indicator glows white. Once the device is turned on, the ceramic tube heating element warms up to operating temperature in merely ten seconds. After it's heated up, you’re ready to make contact with your favorite extracts to produce dense and flavorful vapor clouds. As a safety feature, the Huni Badger will stay active and ready for 60 seconds. Once the Huni Tip is at operating temperature, simply insert the Huni Tip into your Huni Pot that contains your extracts.

The Huni Badger Vertical Vaporizer comes in with a full waterproof kit that is contained within a pelican style hard case. Inside this case you will find everything you need to enjoy your Huni Badger including the 14mm and 510 ego adapters, which will accommodate any water filtration glass attachment that adheres to that size. This is  so you can have a portable dab bubbler device if you so desire. This kit also includes 3 Huni Pots to store your extracts in so you can have 1 stored inside your cap for on the go use, and the others ready to go with whatever product you want stored within them. The protective magnetic cover holds the ego muzzle, Huni Pot and the Huni Tip so you have a stealth device that is convenient and perfect for on the go use. 

Package Includes:

  • 14mm Adapter
  • 510 eGo Adapter
  • Huni Badger Unit
  • High Temp HuniTip (installed)
  • Low Temp HuniTip
  • User's Manuel
  • Waterproof hard Case
  • 3 x HuniPot Extract Containers (One stored in magnetic cap)
  • 3 x Pipe Cleaners
  • 2 x Replacement O-rings


(Adapters double as a mouthpiece or can be used for water filtration attachments)