Electron 18650 Battery (2523mAh 21.8A) - Blackcell (2pcs)

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Electron 18650 Battery (2523mAh 21.8A) - Blackcell (2pcs)

This original Blackcell battery is made with high quality graphene materials. Crafted with secondary ventilation disks and tested to guarantee safety for use with vaping and other compatible products. 

  • 2523mAh capacity
  • 21.8A CDR (continuous discharge rate)
  • 40.9A max pulse discharge current
  • 3.6V normal voltage



  • Don't use if damaged or temp is above 212°F
  • Don't disassemble or unwrap the battery
  • Don't carry batteries in your pockets, bag or purse
  • Batteries can explode or catch fire if improperly used
  • Do not discharge batteries beyond recommended voltage